Replacement Evaporative Units

D145 Evaporative Roof UnitSave money with a replacement evaporative air conditioning unit from Jarrahdale Cooling.

If your old evaporative air conditioning unit is struggling on a hot summers day, leaving you a little hot under the collar, you may have considered installing a new system. But what if your existing vents and ducting are still in good condition?

With Jarrahdale Cooling you can upgrade to a brand new evaporative air conditioning unit while still utilising the existing ducting and vents in your home – reducing waste and saving you money.

A Jarrahdale Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit is easily adapted to existing metal or plastic droppers, and if your system happens to be a different size, we can custom-make adaptors to ensure a neat fit and changeover your evaporative air conditioning unit with ease. Furthermore,  you can feel confident you are installing a premium quality evaporative air-conditioner at the very best price.

This is because Jarrahdale Cooling have manufactured and installed evaporative air conditioners at Factory Direct Prices since 1988.

Every Jarrahdale evaporative air conditioner is made locally at our Maddington manufacturing facility and is specifically designed to suit Australia’s harsh climate.

Evaporative Air Roof Unit1Our latest ‘Diamond Series’ of evaporative air-conditioning units are the result of over 25 years’ industry experience and extensive research and development. This innovative range offers maximum air-flow with minimal noise and includes the latest in Australian-made electronics for reliability and ease of operation via a stylish, LCD Touch Control Panel.

We are the only company using Fibreglass-constructed bases on all rooftop evaporative air-conditioning units to withstand heat distortion and corrosion from our scorching summer sun. 

Our units can also be fitted with optional, stainless-steel embers screens for bushfire prone areas. Made from premium, 1.6mm G304 stainless-steel these screens comply with strict Australian Standards. For additional protection, all Jarrahdale evaporative air-conditioners include a 'pump only' mode to maintain moisture on the filter pads in the event of a fire.

Better still, a Diamond Series evaporative air conditioning system is up to 80% more economical to operate than ducted-reverse-cycle air, making evaporative cooling a more cost efficient and sustainable cooling option.

Three different sizes of evaporative air conditioning units are available in the Diamond Series, cooling areas of up to 230sq/m and each rooftop unit is available in a choice of 6 unit colours. This means we can offer a highly efficient evaporative cooling solution to suit the scale and style of a wide range of homes:

Factory Direct Evaporative Cooling Model Area Coverage (sq/m) Cooling Floor Area (m3/hr)
Ducted 145 145 11,500
Ducted 185 185 15,000
Ducted 230 230 18,500

Diamond Series Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit

Cooling via water evaporation

  • Up to 80% more energy efficient than refrigerated air
  • A more natural and sustainable cooling choice

Powder-coated, aluminium roof-top unit with fibreglass base

  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Withstands heat distortion
  • Anti Corrosion

Australian-made electronics

  • High quality parts & reliable operation

LCD Touch Control Panel

  • Stylish, backlit panel for ease of operation

Aqua-smart Water Management System

  • Operates using a continuous flow of fresh, clean water for healthy air

Hush-drive Motor w/ 8 blade axial fan

  • Whisper quiet operation

20-speed Fan

  • Advanced climate control
  • Efficient air-flow

Automatic Temperature Control

  • Set your comfort level

24hr Timer

  • Pre-set the timer to turn the unit on/off and come home to comfort
Pump-only Mode & optional embers screens
  • Maximum protection for bushfire prone areas


A Jarrahdale Evaporative Air Conditioner is constructed using only the very best materials, parts and know-how. As a result, we are able to offer a competitive, manufacturer direct warranty:

   25 Year Cabinet Warranty

   10 Year Structural Warranty

   4 Year Electrical Parts & Labour Warranty

*square metre coverage is based on standard 2.4m ceilings. Floor area capacity figures are calculated using 35 air changes per hour.

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