Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

How it Works - Function & Benefits

In a ducted evaporative air-conditioning system, the air is cooled when it is pushed across water which it then absorbs through the process of evaporation. A pump is used to circulate the water onto a cooling pad, which becomes very wet. A fan then draws dry air from outside the unit through the wet pad and as it passes through, the air collects some of the water as vapours and is cooled. The cool air then travels through the ducting and down into various zones of the home via ceiling vents.
Since evaporative air conditioners use water to cool the air, rather than refrigeration, they require much less electricity than reverse-cycle air, and as a result are more economical to operate. An evaporative system from Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling uses up to 80% less electricity and is half the price to install. Evaporative cooling is therefore one of the most cost effective ways to cool your home.
As a water-based cooling method, the cooling effect provided by an evaporative system can be compared to a cool ocean breeze. This makes evaporative air-conditioning an excellent cooling option on hot and dry summer day, however reverse-cycle air conditioning remains the optimal choice for persistently humid conditions.

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