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How Evaporative Cooling Works

Like a refreshing ocean breeze, evaporative cooling offers a natural way to keep your home cool and comfortable. Air is drawn into the evaporative system and across filter pads saturated with fresh, cool water. As the air flows through the pads, latent heat is replaced with water molecules, dropping the air temperature. Dust and pollens are also removed from the air. A fan then draws the air into the ducting system and down through vents to the allocated cooling zones, pushing cool, filtered air into the home.

As an evaporative cooling system works through the natural energy exchange between air and water, it is extremely economical to run. Better still, it operates most efficient in dry climates such as that experienced here in Perth. This makes evaporative cooling excellent choice for cooling your home.

With an Evaporative Cooling System from Jarrahdale Cooling, you can expect up to a 12-degree reduction in temperature on a dry hot day, and enjoy summer in complete comfort.

How it Works

How evaporative coolers work

Why Choose Ducted Evaporative?

You can expect to pay up to 50% less for a fully-installed, ducted evaporative cooling system from Jarrahdale Cooling than a similar capacity reverse-cycle system, saving you thousands on the initial purchase price.

evaporative cooling cost *'You pay' prices accurate at time of publishing. For comparative purposes only. For a comprehensive estimate please request a quote.

An evaporative cooling system is extremely energy efficient, costing around just 80c per day in electricity to cool the average sized family home.

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There is no need to seal shut windows while your evaporative cooling system is operating. In fact, evaporative cooling works best with some windows or doors partially open to allow air from the outside to continuously enter the system to be cooled, filtered and circulated through and out of the home. This means the air you breathe is always fresh and cool and never reused by the evaporative cooling unit. Pollens and dust are also removed through the filtration process, maximising air quality.

An evaporative cooling system operates without the need for harmful refrigerant gases and requires very little electricity to run, costing an average of just 80 cents per day to cool your home. This makes it a friendlier option both for your pocket and the environment.


Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling offer the extensive range of ducted evaporative coolers from Seeley International Pty Ltd, including quality systems by Coolair, Braemar and Breezair.   Every evaporative system  is made right here in Australia; specifically designed to suit local conditions, and is expertly planned and fitted to individual requirements. Find out more.

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