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Bay Window FS Gas Log Heater WEBJarrahdale Heating and Cooling are proud to bring the complete range of Archer Gas Log Heaters to Western Australia.

Made in Australia by a family owned and operated business, Archer Gas Log Heaters are celebrated as the 'World's Most Efficient Gas Log Space Heaters,' having achieved an energy star rating of 5.4 to 5.9 across the range. The secret of this impressive energy star performance is Archers' Patented Triple Heat Exchange System which extracts more than 92% of the heat from incoming gas - resulting in more heat in your home and more money remaining in your pocket - instead of up the chimney. 

Streamline 720 Built In Gas Log Heater WEB

Archers' three-stage, High-Performance Heat Exchange System allows for the heat of  incoming combustible gases to be squeezed to 55°C before entering the flue. This results in total combustion, ensuring every megajoule of gas energy available is utilised in heating the surrounds.

To date, this exact process of heat exchange, and the resulting efficiency of an Archer Gas Log Heater, remains rivaled and unmatched. Such phenominal heating properties, together with the striking and sophisiticated appearance of  Archer Gas Log Heaters, means there really ise'nt any better gas log heater for your home.

On Display Now!

Three latest-release Archer Gas Log Heaters are now on display at our Maddington Showroom including the IS700 freestanding model and the IS700 and IS900 built-in models. We invite you to call-in today to view these stunning demonstration models in action and find out more about Archers' revolutionary heating technology.

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