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Wood Heaters

Custom Install 1Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling have been installing freestanding and in-built wood heaters into Perth homes for over 30 years. An expert team of experienced contractors are used to install each heater, many of whom we have been working with Jarrahdale for over 20 years.

Once you have selected a Jarrahdale wood heater for your home, installation can be expected just 1-2 weeks later. On installation day, our technician will position the heater according to your preferances and safety requirements. During a standard installation, a ceiling plate is then fixed to the ceiling directly above the heater and the flue is fixed to the heater and fed up into the roof. A triple-skin flue is used in the roof space to ensure there is no transfer of heat into the roof. A flashing is then applied to seal the flue and prevent water leaks.To complete the install, our technician will then provide a handover and answer any questions you may have - then your wood heater is ready to use.

 As we manufacture all our own wood heaters, Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling can also accommodate many unique and custom installation situations, such as installing the flue through a boundary wall due to roof constraints - as shown in the picture to the right.

For Freestanding Wood Heaters the installtion process generally takes just 2-3 hours.  More time is required for In-built Wood Heaters and it is recommended that 6-8 hours is allowed for installation. 


Air Conditioning Installation1The correct installation of air-conditioning requires the skills of multiple trades. For reverse-cycle air-conditioning three seperate trades are required for plumbing, electrical and refrigiration, while for evaporative coolers both plumbing and electrical are needed. On installation day, you can therefore expect up to three trade teams to be hard at work ensuring the precision installation of your system. As such, it is important to ensure the right tradespeople are selected for the job.

Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling offer an expert installation service for air-conditioning systems purchased with us. Our team of carefully selected contractors are all fully qualified, licenced and have up to 20 years experience installing ducted evaporative and reverse cycle air-conditioning, wall splits and casettes. Better still, we will coordiate all aspects of the installation to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible on installation day. 

Once you have purchased your air-conditioning system with Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling, an installation date and time can be arranged. Generally, installation can be expected 1-2 weeks following the placement of your order. On installation day, the respective trades will arrive one after the other to complete the installation methodically. For fully-ducted air-conditioning systems, installation can often take up to 8 hours, or one full day onsite.  At the conclusion of installation, a handover is provided by our technician. This includes giving instructions on how to use your new air-conditioning system and a handover manual. Then, the most important part - simply sit back and enjoy air-conditioned comfort!

Maintenance & Servicing:

Air Conditioning Installation2

Annual Servicing is highly recommended for an evaporative cooling system. This ensures your system remains clean and free from a build-up of allergens, dirt and bacteria. 
As the new owner of a Jarrahdale Evaporative Cooling System you will be automatically included for annual servicing of your system. Each year, our dedicated servicing team will contact you to arrange a system clean and check. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the water sump, cleaning filter pads, case cleaning and a thorough test and diagnostics to ensure maximum system efficiency, all for a small additional fee.

Maintenance and repair services are available for all reverse-cycle and evaporative cooling systems purchased through Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling. We can also coordinate repairs and system checks with our manufacturing partners for Fujitsu, Daikin and LG customers experiencing a warranty issue. To arrange a service or repair, please contact us.

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