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Replacement Reverse-cycle Air-conditioners

Save money with a replacement ducted air-conditioning unit

Save up to $850

Upgrading to a new reverse-cycle or wall-split unit using existing ducting & vents

Includes free removal and

disposal of existing unit

*Conditions apply

If your old air-conditioning unit is struggling on a hot summers day, you may be considering buying a new ducted reverse-cycle system.

But what if your existing vents and ducting are still in good condition?

With Jarrahdale Heating  and Cooling you can upgrade to a new Fujitsu or Daikin air-conditioning unit using the existing ducting and vents in your home reducing waste and saving you money.

In many instances, a reverse-cycle unit from Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling can easily be adapted to existing metal or plastic droppers, and if your system happens to be a different size, we can custom-make adaptors to ensure a neat fit.

Looking to upgrade from evaporative to ducted reverse-cycle?
You can still re-use the existing ducting and vents, if they are deemed to be in good condition. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can cater to a broad range of air-conditioner change-overs.

Allow us to assist in select the ideal replacement unit for your home

from leading brands, Fujitsu and Daikin


Interest free finance available