All Jarrahdale fireplaces come with two seals. There’s a door seal and a glass seal and they do need replacing from time to time to stop cold, external air from entering the Firebox.

In this video Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling Sales Executive, Holly Baarspul demonstrates how to replace the door seal.

Watch the video and follow the instructions below to easily replace your door seal.



Step 1
Replacement door seal rope is available directly from the Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling showroom in Maddington.
When fitting, you may find your new rope is a little bit longer than you need. To measure, loosely place the rope around the door frame. If the rope needs cutting, apply some sticky tape to the area to be cut. This prevents fraying. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the rope to size.

Step 2
Once the rope is to size, locate the channel for the rope on the inside of the heater door. Start at the middle of the channel on the short side of the heater door, where the handle is. Gently push the rope into the channel and moving in a clockwise direction, work your way around, guiding the rope into the channel using light to medium pressure. As the rope is new it can be a little stiff and may require you to keep it in place with your free hand as you work your way around. Don’t worry if it does not go all the way into the channel. We will resolve this in the next step.

Step 3
Once you’ve got it mostly in place, run the handle of a butter knife along the rope to help guide any protruding parts of the rope fully into the channel.

Step 4
Check that the door can fully close and latch. It’s now a good idea to open and close the door repeatedly a few times, to ensure a perfect seal.

As with all of our spare parts you can buy your replacement sealed directly from our showroom at 10 Malcolm Rd, Maddington, or through your local stockist.