We are often asked; “where should I get my firewood from?” This is a super important question because the type of timber and its preparation makes all the difference to how well your wood heater will burn.

To help locate a firewood supplier offering a consistent supply of quality timbers, we have compiled our 2024 Firewood Suppliers List. This list features suppliers in and around the Perth area that we have come to know as reputable through customer endorsements and our own experiences. We are in no way affiliated with these suppliers and always recommend you check them out for yourself before making a purchase.

To help in your decision making, here are some key facts and top recommendations for the best firewood:

  1. Make sure the timber has been properly dried. This may seem obvious, but what most people don’t consider is that split wood takes several months to dry out enough for an efficient burn. Due to time constraints, firewood suppliers do not always have the time to do this for you. While the supplier may have split the wood and started the process of drying it, demand may mean the wood is sold before it is completely dry.
  2. Plan ahead – wood drying happen at home. For the reason explained above, you can help ensure firewood is sufficiently dry by planning ahead and purchasing your wood well in advance of winter. Stack timbers in a dry, well-ventilated location, such as a woodshed or under a secured tarp. If the timber must go directly on the ground, its best to stack it on a pallet or similar, allowing for ventilation underneath.
  3. Seasoned, untreated hardwood is best such as Jarrah and Wandoo. While no one likes to think of tress being cut down, firewood suppliers have a special license to collect timbers and these permits are issued as part of the state’s fire prevention and control strategies. Firewood suppliers must abide by strict permit locations, quantity restrictions and regulations including the collection of fallen timbers first, before tree removal.
  4. Select timber that has been pre-split and chopped relatively small. When lighting a wood fire, its best practice to begin with small pieces of kindling and gradually add larger logs as the intensity of the fire increases. Adding a few small to medium pieces rather than one large log also allows for air flow between the sections as the fire builds. Larger logs are placed once the fire is sufficiently roaring.

With these top recommendations in mind, find a local firewood supplier using our handy 2024 Firewood Suppliers List and order your firewood for this winter.