In this video, Natalie from Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling talks about the benefits of and applications for Split system Air conditioners, otherwise known as wall-splits, and introduces our top system recommendations for 2024.


Wall-mounted split systems are the most popular type of air conditioner in Australia.  They have two main units; a wall-mounted indoor unit that blows conditioned air, and an outdoor compressor, that is connected by insulated pipes to the indoor unit and expels “waste” air.

They are available as reverse-cycle units that offer both cooling and heating modes or as ‘cooling only’ systems. However, we find the price difference between the two is quite minimal, particularly since the installation time and cost is about the same, meaning a reverse-cycle unit tends to be your best option.

System Types:

Wall-mounted air conditioners can be purchased for a single room or as a Multi-head, or multi-split system. This is simply a split system with multiple indoor units in different areas of the home. This is a great option when ceiling space is too restrictive to install ducted air conditioning.

A multi-split system allows each unit to be controlled independently so unique temperatures can be set in each room and units can be turned on and off separately, saving on electricity bills.


The main benefits of wall mounted split systems are:

  1. They are easier to install than a ducted system because they don’t require ductwork. This makes them quicker and more cost efficient to install than ducted systems. For this reason, you can generally expect quite a quicker turnaround, with installation within less than 2 weeks.
  2. Split systems use less energy overall than ducted air conditioning systems. With ducted air, your system experiences energy loss as air passes through the ductwork. This can force the system to run more often to ensure your home stays cool. Split system air conditioners do not involve the use of ducts, which helps reduce the amount of energy used. These systems can also be set up to cool off certain areas of your home rather than your entire home, saving even more.
  3. Split-systems are nice and quiet compared to many other types of air-conditioners. The noisier components are in the small outdoor unit where you won’t hear them as much. This provides your home with more peace and quiet while also keeping it cool and comfortable.
  4. Split system air conditioners are more cost-efficient than many other types of air conditioning systems. They typically cost less to buy, and installation costs are lower since they are easier to install. They also use less energy and require little maintenance, so you can also expect to save money on these expenses.

Recommended Units

With hundreds of options in the market, finding the right split-system air conditioner can be a confusing. So, let’s take a look at our top 4 system recommendations from Fujitsu and Haier.

1. Top Pick: Energy Efficiency

Haier Quartz Hi-Wall 2.5kW split system

The efficiency of the Quartz Hi-wall is second to none. It features a 4.81 out of 5 energy star rating, making it is one of the most efficient split systems on the market. This system is perfect for hot climates when it is likely to be running frequently.


2. Top pick: Quietest Split System

Fujitsu Comfort Range 3.4kw split system

This system features just a 20 decibal rating for the indoor unit, which is similar to a quiet whisper or the sound of a single mosquito buzzing. This makes it one of the quietest systems on the market today.


3. Top Pick: Budget Friendly

If your looking for a decent wall split that is easy on the purse strings, our top budget pick is the Haier Tempo Hi Wall 2.5kw.

The starting price for a Tempo Hi-Wall, as of January 2024 is around just $1700 for the model number shown in our video. This includes a standard back to back installation.

We think the Tempo is a good choice for economically heating and cooling a single room. Its great for bedrooms and is sure to help you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.


4. Top Pick: Best Overall Split System

Fujitsu 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter

This is a standout wall-split system because:

  • It has a great energy efficiency ratio
  • Low sound levels for both the indoor and outdoor unit
  • It offers uperior installation flexibility. The outdoor unit on this system requires just a 500mm clearance space off the front of the outdoor fan. This means it perfect for homes built close to boundary lines, walls and fences.

In conclusion, when choosing a split-system air conditioner for your home, it’s wise to weigh up both your budget for the initial outlay of the unit but also the ongoing running costs and efficiency of the system.

You should also factor in available space for installation as 1) a split system may be your only option if roof space is really tight and ducting wont fit, and 2) not all split-systems are equal. Some require more clearance area than others.

Other features you should explore are noise levels, fan speeds, operating modes, and controls.

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