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Built-in Designs

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Built-in Series

Our collection of Built-in Wood Fires cater for various room sizes, layouts and heating requirements. All models include a single fascia and door for placement in a conventional fireplace opening and a two-speed fan. This ensure even and efficient heat throughout your home.

A Jarrahdale Built-in Wood Heater is perfect for adding character to your new home or to transform an old fireplace to a more efficient, slow-combustion wood heater.

Browse the Range:

Rhapsody Built-in

Heats up to 185 sq/m

Innovator Built-in

Heats up to 232 sq/m

Countryman Built-in

Heats up to 232 sq/m

Convector Built-in

Heats up to 232 sq/m

Jumbo Built-in

Heats up to 232 sq/m

Clydesdale Built-in

Heats up to 300 sq/m

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Wood Heater Collection

Benefits of Wood Heating

For many years, wood heaters have been a popular heating choose in Australian homes. This makes sense, as slow-combustion wood heaters have been proven to deliver the lowest-cost energy to heat a home, making them one of the most cost-effective heating methods available. Fuelled by firewood, they also provide a sustainable form of heating, using a renewable energy source.

In addition, wood heaters offer the ambience of a roaring fire and distribute heat more steadily and evenly than many alternative heater options, making your entire home warm and cosy.