The new Breezair Extraordinaire™ has redefined the future for whole-of-home cooling.

Released in September 2019, the Breezair Extraordinaire is an evaporative air conditioner with architecturally design features. It features a single-piece outer cover which seamlessly blends the corners and grille into one state-of-the-art roof top cooler cabinet.

The louvres follow the angle of the roofline, allowing the air conditioner to blend in perfectly to the roof angle. This enables the cabinet to sit well below the ridgeline.

State-of-the-art one-piece cover seamlessly blending into the roof

The one-piece outer cover and all water reservoir components are highly durable and non-corrodible. They are made from high performance Permatuf® UV-stabilised polymer to ensure many years of reliable operation in even the harshest climate.

Unparalleled distribution system ensures even water coverage

The patented water distribution system allows the air conditioner to operate to its full capacity on roofs of different angles, from 10 to 40 degrees. With Black Ice™ added to the water distributor molding, temperatures are greatly reduced and not only enhance its mechanical properties but improves performance. This unique Australian design ensures constant, even saturation of the Black Magic™ Mini-Cell Chillcel® pads which increases the cooling effect and outperforms all competitors.

The drain outlet mounts flush to the roof,

for discrete and safe water drainage through the roof cavity. Thus this ensures all pipes are hidden from view and can be installed to suit all plumbing options.

Make a statement by standing out or blending in

An impressive range of colour options provides plenty of opportunity to have your new Breezair Extraordinaire™ enhance the style and design of your house. Blend the Breezair Extraordinaire™* seamlessly into your roof by choosing from a contemporary range of Colorbond® options or a more traditional colour selection

Comprehensive Warranty

For complete peace of mind, Seeley International backs every one of its air conditioning systems with an industry leading comprehensive warranty program.

This includes a 7 year warranty (with a compulsory chargeable service in the fourth year)^, 10 year cover on all structural components, plus a hefty 25 year cover against corrosion, on it Permatuf® cabinets.


Evaporative coolers are eco-friendly!

Refrigerated cooling can not only cause the air to become dry inside a home, but it also uses chemicals which can damage the environment. In comparison, evaporate cooling is based completely on natural processes which cools air using water, with no chemicals involved. Compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the air released from evaporative coolers is never re-circulated, and is constantly replaced with fresh air – meaning your eyes and throat won’t become irritated and people with respiratory and health issues can enjoy their time indoors. You are making the right choice for the environment when you choose an evaporative cooler for you and your family.

Contact us to find out more about the Breezair Extraordinaire and our full range of Evaporative Cooling systems available.